Lawn 'N' Order Landscape prides itself in providing its clients with innovative designs, premium products and quality installations.  As with anything built, the foundation is the most important but so often the emphasis is on the final picture.  If you want your pavers or landscape to give you years and years of trouble free enjoyment then the foundation is something that can only be done right once.  We make sure we double industry standards for base for any paving stones we install as recommended by all quality installers around the world because of our clay soils.  

Once base is tested for proper compaction then we finish the job with Premium Borgert Pavers and pave edge restraints.  Borgert paving stones have a lifetime warranty because they are made with granite as opposed to limestone to offer more strength and greater colour varieties.  Also because they are made with granite they resist any ice melt products you may apply which is not the case with other pavers. 

Quality hardscapes is just the beginning!

All softscapes use premium plantings,
composted soils to eliminate weed seeds
in the soils used for beds and turf.

Landscaping if done right will give you 
years of enjoyment! It is the biggest
room of your home, so why not do it right!

We will not cut corners as we want to 
stand behind all of our work for years to come.  We can handle any size project and will do so with the integrity and passion that has made so many customers refer their friends to us.

We will take you from conceptual drawings to final design and construction keeping you involved throughout entire process.  

We appreciate you considering our company to create your dream landscape and look forward to being a part of that dream!