Available Colors:
   Autumn Blend         Bronze Granite              Brown                    Chamois
       Charcoal              Golden Brown           Granite City              Millstream
Minnesota River        North Shore               Pewter                      Red                  Terracotta
Holland Stone has the renowned durability of interlocking paving stones, yet offers the charm of a simple rectangular shape in paving. It is simple in design, yet capable of meeting the demands of architects and designers for a beautiful, durable, textured paved surface.

This rectangular stone can be applied in a number of fascinating patterns – like the popular herringbone pattern – to create warm textures. You can create a classic look with the simplicity of a one stone design
Calling to mind the distinctive look and feel of European cobblestones, the Borgert Cobble Series is a beautiful reminder of time since past. An excellent alternative to large, unwieldy concrete slabs, the Cobble Series imparts beauty, texture, color and lasting durability to a wide array of paving projects.

The Borgert Cobble Series consists of several unique shapes and a variety of colors, making the number of potential pattern designs virtually unlimited. It is this flexibility which has made the Cobble Series one of the industry’s most popular paving systems

Introducing the new family of pavers designed with the elements of natural stone in mind. Not just any ordinary paver, the textured top and irregular sizes will harmonize with any desired setting. Made in rich earth tone colors and various sizes, the BrukStone delivers a pavement that gives you the look and feel of Mother Nature. Its unique design allows for hand or mechanical installation. This pattern is made of 14 various shapes.


  This style is only available in 
Minnesota River & North Shore
If you travel through the northern part of the Alps you’ll see a majestically curved landscape called Bavaria. With this picture in mind, Borgert has designed a large-scale paver with a top that resembles naturally aged stone roads. Bavaria’s four-piece system offers you endless design possibilities to satisfy your creative imagination. This design comes in a color palette of deep reds to greens that is unique only to the Bavaria line. We assure you that Bavaria will give your outdoor space a look of luxury.

Strassen Bavaria is only available in                   the following five colors
 Burgandy Wine        Canyon Tan           Fall Prairie         Minnesota River      North Shore
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      Also available are different types of retaining walls, garden stones, 
firepits, firepit collars, step units, pillars, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces etc.
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We also offer another paver called Cracovia. Very few pictures are available as it is a new product. More pictures coming soon!
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